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My name is Grgur Kovačić.
I am co-founder of PROPRIO Centar Physiotherapy Clinic in Zadar, Croatia, where I worked as manager, therapist and instructor.

Currently I live and work in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have created this page on my website for those who are interested in my professional background.

About me

I am a passionate and experienced therapist with extensive scientific background.

In my work I choose interventions and techniques based on detailed neurological, orthopedic, osteopathic and movement diagnosis, patient history and patient profile.

My treatment is usually a combination of neuroscience functional therapy (P-DTR®), osteopathic and manual treatment with specific exercises.



Personal data and education:

  • Born in Croatia 07.01.1989.

  • Masters degree in Sport Science and Rehabilitation Exercise at Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, Croatia (2016)

  • Postgraduate student at Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, Croatia (2017 - present) 

  • Osteopathy student at Croatian Academy of Osteopathy (2017 - present) 




  • Advanced training in applied functional neuroscience therapy - Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex - P-DTR®  

  • Croatian Academy of Osteopathy: complete education, waiting for the final exam  

  • Additional Osteopathy courses:   •    Miofascial Techniques by Paolo Tozzi, PhD, DO •    Fluid model in Osteopathy by Paolo Tozzi, PhD, DO   •   Integrative Osteopatic approach in treating digestive system by Sandra Lois, Msc, DO   •. 

  • NKT® - Neurokinetic Therapy master practitioner  

  • ANF Therapy®  - Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy 

  • Stecco Fascial Manipulation

  • Anatomy in Motion

  • Motus Melior Academy: Diagnostics and rehabilitation of the spine; Diagnostics and rehabilitation of lower limb tendinopathies 

  • Emmet Therapies: Emm-tech

  • BTL Education: High Intensity Laser Therapy; Novel Technologies in rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients 



Holding of educational seminars:


Differential Diagnostics in Physiotherapy (lower limb, upper limb, spine)


Principles of Safe Movement - Proprio Method


Scientific work:

Lectured and published scientific work at:

•   “Croatian Summer School of Kinesiologists”, Croatia (2017., 2018., 2021., 2022.)

•   “International Conference on Kinanthropology. Sport and Quality of Life.”, Czech Republic (2019.)

•   “International Conference on Conditioning in Sports”, Croatia (2021., 2022.)


Other published scientific work:

•   Antekolović, J., Kovačić, G. (2020). Physical Activity of Students During the Pandemic of the Disease Covid-19. Sports Science and Health 10(2): 108-117



Croatian, English


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

For any information please contact me.

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